Wrought iron wares are famous for their multi-functionality and complexity. Custom wrought iron wares are perfectly combined with every material from wood to textiles. In addition, they perfectly match any interior. Custom wrought iron wares have always been the sign of refined taste. Our company offers you an immersion into the world of exclusive, elegant and sophisticated metal art works.

We manufacture custom wrought iron wares of any complexity (gates, fences, grates, railings, fence doors, wrought iron furniture and interior elements). We will gladly bring into life your own ideas or sketches as well.

Wrought iron garden houses and charcoal grills have become an indispensable element of landscape design. Wrought iron souvenirs, stone accessories, flower stands, wrought iron lamps and luminaires are also for you to choose from.

Wrought iron gates and fences are an integral part of city streets. Nowadays wrought iron furniture is used to decorate not only suburban residences, but also urban apartments.

In our work we aim to meet your needs. We do our best to understand and figure out what you want and help you decide what to order. And as a result, you will be satisfied with our work.

We carry out a full cycle of production: starting from project design and finishing with the installation of wrought iron wares. We do not have large volume production. The cooperation with each client is individual. All products are hand forged in a unique copy with the use of modern metal processing technologies.

You can observe ready-made wares in our catalogue or live and afterwards choose the style and design of your future order.

We are doing our best to understand and meet the needs and wishes of our customers. We strive for the ready-made product to bring satisfaction both to the customer and to the craftsmen.

Elegant style, excellent quality

Hand forged blacksmith wares made by the artisans at Model Budivnytstva